Polychute Ultimate RV Sewer Hoses
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Polychute-16 Kit
Product ID #: PCK-16  -   Ship Wt: 10 LBS.

Product Features

  • Fully assembled - Always assembled
  • Spring-action hose extends to over 16 ft.
  • External Wear Strip no wire/no rust - Smooth Interior
  • No internal build-up, Flushes Clean
  • On-Off Valve/Nozzle w/ adapt-all doughnut
  • Adapt-all fits securely to all septic inlets - threaded or not
  • The 'Polylock' coach adapter -Incomparable
  • 'Polylock' plug prevents storage drips.
  • Clear-Vu swivel barrels at each end
  • Sanitary storage in compact 24x17x7 in. container with lid

The 'Polychute 16' is the ultimate hose assembly for the vast majority of RVer's! With proper care and use, it will perform flawlessly for years. It is designed that way, built that way and backed that way . . . In the USA!

For our Canadian friends, please call for your order 760-772-8618

Real Company, Real People, so if you are more comfortable ordering by phone please do so! 760-772-8618

Polychute RV Sewer Solution (714) 840-8002
We are not accepting new orders at this time while we celebrate the Holidays with Family and Friends.

Polychute- 16 ft. Extension
Product ID #: PCK- 16X  -   Ship Wt: 9 LBS.

Product Features

  • Creates Over 32 ft. of Leak-Proof Hose
  • Secure Storage In Its Own Sterilite Container
  • Bayonet Cap Provided for Storage
  • 'Polylock' has Cap like Main Hose

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